Who Are You Inviting to Easter Sunday?

Just a reminder… Easter Sunday is coming fast! Who are you inviting? Will you be courageous and invite? We are praying you will be! We will do our best to give them a 65 minute services that expresses the Gospel clearly and attractively. We have to limit our services to 65 minutes because of parking difficulties – so that the lots can clear between services. If you want to help by parking off site (zoo lot, Hi-Qual lots) – that would be great although we think it will be reasonable this Sunday with three services!

Be sure to invite someone! If all of us bring someone – we will have a massive amount of people here to hear the Gospel!

Remember, the service times are 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. Typically, the 10:00 AM service is the most popular on a day like Sunday. If convenient, coming to 8:30 or 11:30 would be great. But be sure to come to the one that is best for those you are inviting. Bring extra money and buy them a coffee after and ask them what they thought. It may be your best opportunity to talk to them about Christ that you've had in a while.

I am praying for you!

PS – Don't be late… I've been waiting for this opening song for over a year…

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