The Burden of Abortion – part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the burden of abortion. You can read that HERE if you missed it.

I mentioned that I wanted to present a couple of options.

OPTION 1: Help us give out the "180 Movie" DVD.

Many small groups have been on a break before the final tri-mester starts this next week. But many have been meeting during the break, and those who met a couple of weeks ago watched a video called "180" about abortion. It was the week when I preached on birth control. We thought having them discuss the ultimate "birth control" (abortion) would be a good topic.

The videos we purchased and had groups watch had quite an impact. Many groups (including mine) ended the video with the thought of "what can we do?" One small group has started a movement to get the movie into the hands of every attender of Northridge. To do that, we need to raise $1000. Attenders of Northridge can watch the video, show it to others, and even pass it along to those who need to think differently about abortion. This video is the best anti-abortion argument I've ever seen. I think it makes a great, convincing argument.

If you want to help us raise the $1000 to pass out this video – you can talk to Scott Bixby, your small group leader or me about it. Some groups are giving "together" to do it as a group project. You also can give using an envelope that will be at the info desk the next couple of Sundays. Put a check or cash in the envelope and turn it in to the info desk or the offering basket.

OPTION 2: Support your local Pro-Life organization by donating or walking.

For us in Rochester, that is CompassCare (click on the name for their website). This is a good time to talk about this because they are raising funds for their "Vision Walk" – which is a fund raiser for their ministry. I have confidence that CompassCare is making a difference in women's lives in Rochester when it comes to abortion. You can support CompassCare by supporting a couple in our church who are doing the Vision Walk. Matt & Belinda Sones are raising funds HERE.

Or if you choose to get even more involved in the Vision Walk – you can participate in the walk on May 19th. You can receive a fundraising packet by emailing Matt Sones here: [email protected] There is more about the Walk on Facebook: click HERE.

Those are two small ways to make a difference. I'm sure there are other ways too. But these are two current possibilities. Do you have other suggestions? Until you figure out a better way to fight abortion in our country, would you consider joining me in one or both of these two options?

  1. David,

    Fantastic ways to help. Do you intend to preach about abortion around the time that these DVDs may be distributed? Just curious.

    I’ll try to avoid posting a super long one like I did yesterday. But here are some more suggestions I think would be useful for people beyond the financial options…

    – Pray. Pray for those who think abortion is ok or a “choice” to be made. Pray for those who are at the end of their rope financially, spiritually, and emotionally and believe that abortion is the only option. Pray for those of us who are trying to save the unborn, that we would have hearts for those in need and would love those who need love (instead of just making this a political issue).

    – Read. Educate yourself on the issue of abortion. There is a black and whiteness to the issue, but so many levels of gray convoluting it. Make yourself familiar with the history of abortion, how it relates to birth control, what other cultures think of it, and how it disproportionately impacts minorities and the poor.

    – Proclaim. Find ways to share the hope of Jesus at every turn. Creating laws that ban abortion isn’t going to change hearts, it will only create resentment towards Christianity. We MUST stop the murder of the innocent, but we have to share the Gospel with those making the choices. Only God can change those hearts.

    – Help. Help those who have made the choice to keep their baby. You can’t just say “ok, the baby is safe, now we can ignore you.” These people may have saved their baby, despite their difficult situation, so we need to love and support them. The church, through small groups and individuals, needs to do all it can to help single parents and poor parents and those who made the hard choice to have their baby.

    – Adopt. Adoption is the greatest reflection of God’s love and mercy. He chose to call us His sons and we have the opportunity to make a similar life-saving decision. Some Christians can talk big about adoption (and others don’t even mention it), but adoption isn’t as prevalent within Christian communities as I wish it were. I have a feeling that if adoption was much more common than it currently is, more babies would be saved because there would be confidence that they would be rescued and cared for. Blood may be thicker than water, but the Spirit is far thicker.

    I apologize for my failure to keep it brief. Thank you for opening this discussion again and again David. It scares me how much this generation accepts abortion as an acceptable sin and we have to do all we can to show God’s love and mercy while still seeing sin for what it is.


  2. I had an abortion when I was in high school. I was very excited to hear about CompassCare and their high success rate, but… I also tend to have A LOT of compassion for the women who are now going to become mothers. When I visited CompassCare, I asked them about the follow up they do with women after they have their babies. They said that they try to get the women plugged in at a church and they give them a few follow up phone calls. My first reaction to this was that I was appalled at how little they were helping the women after they gave birth. I had wished that they would do more, but I realized that what they do is perfect. The responsibility is shifted to the church to care for these new moms. I would love to see our church have a way to welcome these women with open arms and love them like Jesus. These women might need diapers, clothes, free babysitting and they also need a friend to listen who will point them to their need of the Gospel. I want to reiterate that I LOVE CompassCare and what they do for unborn babies, but I also am burdened that it is not enough. Can we call it a victory when a woman considering an abortion has her baby? Yes. But I would rejoice all the more in the victory where women had their babies AND they started attending Northridge, were welcomed with open arms and given help as they needed and they embraced the Gospel and began raising their child according to their faith.

  3. Katlyn,

    That’s fantastic. I think we should do as much as we can to help. Saving the baby is a victory… but the greatest victory comes in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. These women aren’t suddenly happy and “living the life” because they had their baby… in fact, life is likely still difficult.


  4. CompassCare shares your concerns regarding the spiritual maturity of women-currently 29% of the patients we serve choose to receive Jesus as their savior. Due to the nature of confidentiality we can only point women toward a church and pray that she follows through on the referal. Thanks for the great posts, David!

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