Depression Meds (a video)

The last EQUIP class, we talked about the role of medications for depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc… It seems like a couple of times a week I am coming across secular news articles or reports that question America's use of these meds.

Here is a 13 minute report from this past Sunday's 60 minutes. It really is worth watching.


If you receive this by email – click HERE to see the report.

  1. David,

    I’m curious what point of view the EQUIP class was taught from and what the source(s) of information being taught is.

  2. I had to listen to the video a second time. I think they did a fairly good job of presenting both viewpoints on this story. I think many people have strong differing beliefs on the value of medication. In severe cases it is difficult to get past the physical symptoms of depression, which can be extremely debilitating. While I personally believe the medication can be very effective in severe cases, the amount of time you stay on anti-depressant medication can make it difficult to discontinue taking them, as relapse is extremely common when going off them without medical advice. I have no medical background and share this from a personal experience standpoint.

  3. Cheryl –

    What I would encourage you to do is to reach out to Nancy Simmonds ([email protected]) and get the links, notes, and passwords to the EQUIP videos and watch them – in order.

    You certainly would be allowed to watch the last one (about meds), but I think the biggest benefit and the best understanding would be to start at the beginning. It will clearly answer your questions.

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