A Unique Small Group Invitation

Sunday was the start of the F.A.Q. series and the question of the day was: "Why Are There So Many Translations?" You can listen or watch the sermon HERE. As of Tuesday afternoon, only the audio was available, but I think the video will be available soon.

One particular small group decided to go further with the issue of "formal, functional or mediating translation" theories, and sent this invitation:

It is with great joy that I invite you to cometh to the house of ____ this Wednesday for great moments of fellowship and praise.  We will spend time breaking desserts together and conversing about the joyous message we recently heard.  We will be convening at the agreed upon time of half past 6, four days after the Sabbath.  Please bring along any parchment upon which you took notes from the glorious message shared with the congregation this past Sunday.  I long for this time.  A time of sweet conversation reaching our ears as we spur each other in a loving way that will bolster our walk with The Lord.  Until then, peace be with you.  Lastly, If worldly things will prevent you from joining us this week, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly.
We will be meeting for small group this Wednesday at 6:30 at the ______'s in the town of Webster.  I am looking forward to some desserts and great group discussion.  If you have any notes that you jotted down this past Sunday please bring them along for the discussion.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.  If you do know that you will be unable to make it, please let us know.
The Message:
Small group is at the ________’s this week in Webster.  6:30 as always.  Bring along any notes that you took and please let us know if you can’t make it.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.


  1. ain’t it so cool to mock that kjv? where’s that verse on bringing God down to our cool and hip level? move with the culture. coool.

  2. Bill, I’ll check it out on my next smoke break. What do you think of this new wave of “christianity”? You know the one- wanting the world to think christians are cool and not the odd balls, watering down church services ( now gatherings ) to hear preaching ( now talks ), mocking different versions of the Bible ( that book you take to the gathering when you hear that talk, etc..), coming up with their own hip music – even rap! what a joke.( so cheesey and it all sounds the same) Now alcohol is no problem to this new brand of “christian” Are you kidding me? everything is becoming watered down. The new brand of “christian” is trying to bring God down to their level. Why did Christ talk so much about not becoming wordly and yet we never hear this preached (talked about at the gathering) in the new brand of church? Today’s modern cool christian is trying to hard to be cool and loved by the world. Now we sink to mocking the kjv on an internet blog post. Well, isn’t that just great.

  3. That was well done! They got it for sure…

    Jasone, Bill’s right. You should really listen to this Sunday’s message. I told my wife who grew up in KJV Only church for 30 years how great I thought David did at presenting the facts about translations with out tearing down any of them, KJV included. She agreed and comment that for 30 years she heard people mock a lot of versions of the Bible, all of them King James Only Preachers discrediting the work of other Bible translators with the same goal as those of the King James, “to make God’s holy Truth to be yet more and more known unto the people”. She commented how refreshing it was to hear all the options presented in such a respectful way.

    Now I say you should listen to the message because then you would see the context to this post and would realize how silly your comment seems. But your comment seems like you aren’t really interested in context. Seems to me that although it has been a long time since we’ve heard from you, you seem to be sticking to that same old argument…If it’s growing it must be unhealthy, If it’s relevant it must be compromising.

    Growth IS healthy. Growth that is a result of God’s blessing on a church that is seeking to give God glory in all things is EXCITING!

    You should try to be a part of that some time. I can tell you from firsthand experience…There’s NOTHING like it!

  4. Once again, the new brand of christianity is not addressed. That speaks volumes. Growth into what? The mile wide church with inch deep people.? I guess it doesn’t matter what you feel this new brand of wordly christian is growing into (in their own minds), as long as they’re caught up in it all.
    Haven’t heard from me cuz i is been banned for a year by the pastor ( gathering leader )

  5. I grew up in a KJV church for 28 years. Northridge has been my home for 8. I had several years at Northridge that were difficult for me because I had been taught that anything different then the church I grew up in was compromising the Scriptures. Anything from your dress, to a television, to women working, to piercing your ears to the music you listened to and especially the version you used.

    After 8 years attending my church, 6 through VERY critical eyes let me tell you about the “new brand of Christianity”.

    At Northridge I have been taught to become like Christ in word AND walk. I have been taught how to serve and the importance of serving, how to be kind, sacrificing my selfish desires for the needs AND wants of those around me, believer AND unbeliever. I have been taught how to apologize Biblically, sincerely and humbly when I have offended someone, how to repent, humble myself and ask for forgiveness. I have been taught to not look at others sin but to constantly look at my own, not to blame others for my sinful responses, to aim to please God in all I do. I have been taught that sinful people respond sinfully when sinned against and therefore I need to fight my sinful responses and find out what God expects from me. I have been taught that my spiritual gifts were not just given to me to advance my career, be a great wife or be a great mom, but to further the Kingdom of God so that more people come to know Him as their Savior, to not isolate myself in a Christian bubble so that I can share Christ to others and show them who Christ is. That is just a small snippet of what I have been taught at Northridge.

    The awesome thing is that at my church I am surrounded by so many people who have been taught these things! I am surrounded by people who are filled with the desire to constantly grow in their relationship with Christ, to not be satisfied with the type of Christian they are but work hard to change to become to be more like Christ and it is amazing to see God constantly changing lives. He is changing lives of those who don’t know Him, are far from Him AND those who are constantly drawing closer to Him. I have seen so many more lives changed to be more like Christ in the last 8 years than in the previous 28.

    I grew up surrounded by people who were judgemental, mean with their words, cutting down instead of edifying, people who used sarcasm instead of prayer, people who didn’t live by example. People who were prideful and self righteous. People who mocked others, believer AND unbeliever and saw nothing wrong with it. But they DID use the KJV. And they did sing hymns. And they did attend church every time the doors were open. Just like Christ didn’t answer his accusors, our Pastor let’s the fruit of changed lives defend how He believes God calls Him to lead our church.

  6. Hi Jasone,
    Thanks for investing the time to watch the message when you have a break. I am very concerned about a “new” or “old” wave / brand of christianity that at any level elevates man and attempts to bring God down, (both of those behaviors are ridiculous when we think deeply about them). Once you have listened to the message, I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you, (face to face), and discuss any of the items you have concerns about the Christian community (at large) in 2012. May the Gospel that we preach and live out daily (words, thoughts and deeds), be not of man but based / rooted in the Holy Scripture. Galatians 1:1-15 I do not how to reach you directly. Please provide a suggestion and I will make certain that we get together.

    In His Service and For His Glory,


  7. JC, I’m glad that you have found a church where you are happy and growing. I hope you don’t just roll over when it comes to seeing worldliness creep into the church. There is right and wrong. The world wants us to live in this grey area and I think you see anybody with convictions in the church is a nut. ( AND I’m not talking about the petty stuff you mentioned above.) Once again, why did Christ speak so much about worldliness? What does that mean to you, JC?
    Bill, I’m glad to hear that you see my point on the “new wave” of christianity creeping into our churches and I appreciate your thoughts. Maybe share with us what you see as worldliness and the “new wave” and your concerns. Bill, I live in Susquehanna County, Pa.. I may be heading north for a few days this spring….

  8. Did Christ talk about worldliness in KJV 1611 english or did he do it in Hebrew and Aramaic?
    And which dispensation Jasone? Church age?

    Did you watch this message? how about instead of repeating every post you ever made bashing Northridge’s positions you give a thoughtful, Bible based comment defending your position (which apparently is something about a mile and an inch and the worldliness of todays church) which could elicit a Godly conversation using Scripture and potentially giving people information that they have never thought of (and YOU could even learn something!?).

    Instead it appears that all you wish of your comments is to put people on their defensive and say more of the same repeatable sentences with no meaning.
    I’ll even give you an easy example, your comment above says ‘I think you see anybody with convictions in the church is a nut’ about someone who commented above you. Well, you have a conviction and people at northridge have convictions, however, we are not going to you and saying your convictions are crazy, YOU are coming to us and saying we are nuts. Can you see how that puts people on the defensive and creates an argument? As soon as someone is put on the defensive you’ve already lost your ability to convince them of your position if that is indeed your intent.
    I would look forward to discussing comments with you and i don’t think you would get blocked if your comments were generated from a sincere desire for people to know the truth as you understand it and based on your understanding of the scripture.

  9. Jasone –

    I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. The “ban” or blocking doesn’t happen because of your lack of sincerity in your posts of even your strong disagreement with David and Northridge. David has shared before that he rarely allows anonymous comments. I asked him and he said you were still posting under a false email address. Why he let your comments come through this time, I’m not sure. But I didn’t want you getting the opinion that you’ve been “banned” for anything but the real reason. And the real reason is because he doesn’t post anonymous comments. He also has said that he wants to protect the church (the flock) and if thinks someone’s comments could harm the flock, he may choose to not publish, but he’s not sure that has ever happened.

    I really hope you take Bill up on his offer and meet with him! I know you will enjoy it, and you may grow too. But I know this from personal experience – it is tough to talk to Bill about God and NOT grow in my faith! Miss you Bill!

  10. Jasone,

    Wow, My wife and I live in the Harrisburg , PA. I would enjoy the drive up I81 and getting together with you. How about this, I will contact the Northridge office and tell them that they can give you my e-mail and cell phone number. Does that work for you? You can then e mail or call me and we will set up a time and location to meet. I pray that you and I would be men who love / obey the Word, love our wives as Christ loves the Church, and know great peace and purpose as we walk through today.

    I am still amazed by God’s grace………”How can it be? That thou my God would die for me………


  11. Wow. I am so saddened as a new believer that there are people out there who believe in God and all he has done for us but don’t believe in grace. God is the ultimate creator. He created laughter. Why can’t we have fun . That invite was not intented to offend anyone. Different tools work better in some people’s hands than others. Can’t you just be excited were reading the bible. But judging the translation … Your the people and the reason,why it took me so long to believe. Northridge and David’s preaching saved my life. Leave him alone for crying outloud. Our Church us filled with so many amazing Christ-like people. I am so sad people like the neg.s ones above are so judgemental and FARRRRRR FROM HUMBLE. LET ME ASK YOU HOW MANY PEOPLE HAS UR CHURCH SEEN COME TO CHRIST LAST YEAR?.

  12. You can judge people for the type of translation we use. Yet you seem to move along with the times if they suit you. Meaning you obviously have the internet. Why is it that you can use this NONSENSE FORM OF COMMUNICATION ? . You can’t pick and choose where its o.k to move with the times. Please just have a living heart. That’s where it all starts. I will be praying for you.

  13. Good afternoon Jasone,

    I trust that you had a great weekend and that you grew in your relationship with God and others during your time with other Christian worshiping God. I love Hebrews 10:24 – 25 that reminds / commands me to gather together with other Christ followers for the purposes of 1. Considering one another, 2. Provoke / stimulate to love and good works and 3. Exhorting / encouraging one another. The Body of Believers is an amazing gift from our Creator.

    I have checked with the Northridge Church office and they informed me that they have not received any phone inquiries regarding my contact information. Is this something that you are not comfortable doing? If so, please provide another option so we can connect.

    My understanding is that the e-mail address you are using to post your comments to David’s Blog is not “real.” Is that correct? My counsel to David would be that if a person is lying in regards to their e-mail address that he does not post comments from that individual.

    In His Service and For His Glory,


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