How Far to the Nearest McDonalds

I came across this map. it shows how far you are from the nearest McDonalds:


That's amazing to me. I've never met anyone who thinks McDonalds is a "great" restaurant. People like it because it is fast, convenient, and "known" when they travel. Although there are some that are very devoted to their french fries.

But it makes me wonder – what if we made a similar map based on this question: "How far are you from the nearest Church that is fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus?" How many churches would there be on that map? Why does McDonalds have a successful restaurant "planting" plan, but 90% of church plants fail? Can we do something about that? If so – what?

Our 16:5 conference is about helping churches grow deeper in maturity and larger in numbers. We haven't figured it all out, but we have learned a lot and look forward to sharing it with other pastors, church leaders, and key volunteers.

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  1. HI Pastor Dave…

    A bit of humor for your day….Your email made us smile … we are over three hours away from the nearest McDonalds and that is the first place we visit when we go to the big city (guess it is a taste of home!). We have a church right next door that is fulfilling the Great Commission! J

    By the way, your conference sounds great. My brother attended last year….

    In His great love and faithfulness,

    Phil and Barb

    Bukidnon Seminary, Nasuli, Malaybalay
    Bukidnon, Philippines

  2. So…speaks to the idea of a church franchise type model. I know some are already trying it and it has some serious pitfalls. On the other hand, many of the principles of franchising could be applied to a solid base church like Northridge to facilitate a rapid expansion of God’s Truth. I have been thinking about something bigger than just campuses but smaller than the creation of a new denomination. Something that highly leverages today’s (and future) technology.

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