Rochester #2 in the nation… (sadly)…

Rochester is #2 in the nation for unmarried couples living together (33% of couples living together in Rochester are unmarried).  Number 1 is Camden, NJ (35%).

Nationwide, the 12% of couples living together are unmarried (that is a 25% increase in ten years). 


  1. Any thoughts on how to reach out to a couple that is unmarried but living together? There is someone we know in that situation. We’ve thought about inviting them over, but we didn’t want to seem like we weren’t concerned about their living arrangements. Any thoughts?

  2. I would just invite them over and not mention a thing. There NEED is Christ. One symptom of that need is living together. Id live the Gospel in front of them, and proclaim the Gospel to them, then let God do His work.

    This type of stat brings sorrow because of the impact it has on children (as a majority of unmarrieds dont stay together), but the ultimate solution and their true need isnt a wedding ring. It is Christ.

    This is how I view it… not sure if it is helpful. But I do think they desperately need people to draw close to them. And if a true friendship develops, there will be plenty of chances to talk about living arrangements and marriage!

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