It’s Christmas Weekend @ Northridge!

Merry Christmas, Northridge!

Last night we had our final practice for the Christmas weekend services and I'm so excited for you to experience them today or tomorrow! I just finished listening to the entire CD of music (from Andrew Peterson's "Behold, the Lamb of God") and was absolutely overwhelmed with the beauty, grace, and importance of the Incarnation. I truly believe if you come and pay close attention to everything you see and hear at Northridge this weekend, you will be equally overwhelmed and thankful.

Remember to bring your tickets – so that we can get an accurate count (of how many came without tickets, and how many with tickets didn't come). That will help us in future years to figure out how many tickets to give away so we don't over pack the auditorium or don't give enough away. We anticipate a very full 4:00 service (but we will have seats for everyone). At both 6:00 PM tonight and 10:00 AM tomorrow, the services will be full but not packed.

Also, don't forget to bring your Advent Conspiracy offering. We will take that offering in the early part of the program. We have more than 200 people serving to make this weekend's services happen. Thank you for giving up some family time so that together we can proclaim the beauty of the birth of Christ!

May you enjoy a Christ-filled Christmas. May you be overwhelmed sometime in the next two days as you consider the Incarnation (God becoming a man). And may you be filled with joy that He came to seek and save that which was lost!


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  1. We bought the cd for the songs in the service a few weeks ago. We listened to it during our car trip to visit my family and it was amazing. Then we got to hear it played out for us in the Christmas services… what a blessing!

    This has instantly become a family tradition in our home. We plan on listening to it and talking about it the way it was presented in the services (demonstrating the need for Jesus after the failure of every previous system). This has been our most focused Christmas yet and I look forward to keeping it centered on Christ’s birth for years to come!

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