Christmas Weekend @ Northridge (a bit more info)

Christmas is closer than you think! For a child, Christmas can never come quickly enough. For adults buying presents and pastors preparing Christmas services, it always seems to be coming too quickly!

Here are some things we are thinking about these days with Christmas Eve/Christmas:

  • Reminder: we are doing three services over two days (4:00 and 6:00 on Christmas Eve; 10:00 AM on Christmas morning).
  • We really need people to serve at these services.  Will you consider attending one and serving one or two others? Let us know through the Connections Card on Sunday.
  • Did you know that Christmas has now surpassed Easter as the most likely Sunday someone who doesn't know Christ will visit a church service? Why is that? As our culture grows more secular, fewer and fewer people grew up going to church on Easter, and our culture hasn't turned it into the "event" that Christmas is. So more people are likely to come at Christmas now than Easter.
  • Therefore, more of the people you long to reach for Christ will be willing to come! Who are you planning to invite? Please BE BOLD and invite people! I will do my best to present the hope of Christ is a clear yet brief way (most of the service will be music).
  • As mentioned, we will be asking people this year to get tickets for the service they are planning on attending. This will help us to better accommodate the crowds that are coming and give you something that you can give to a friend as a tool for inviting them.  Of course the tickets are free, but we are asking that everyone please get tickets to help us better serve every single person who will show up.

You can reserve your tickets online through our website ( or you can directly go to the ticket website (

If you reserve your tickets online, you can pick them up at a table in the lobby on Sunday (the "will call" line, you could call it). Or you can stop by the same table and pick up tickets. It will be faster for everyone if you reserve online – as we will have them ready to give to you.  But whatever way works best is fine with us.

If you pick up tickets and your family or friends decide not to come, you can always return tickets.

Christmas Ticket


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