Bible Reading Goals for 2012

I love fresh starts, and a new year is the ultimate fresh start!

I plan to read through the Bible in 2012 using a plan that I've used many times. You can download a PDF of the plan HERE. The plan is pretty simple. Every day of the week, you read two chapters from the OT. Every weekday you also read one chapter from the poetry books and one from the New Testament. So it is four chapters a day Monday through Friday. And two chapters on Saturday and Sunday.

With less than fifteen minutes a day, you can read through the entire Bible!

I also love the website YouVersion. On the website, there are a very large number of Bible reading plans. If you don't have a plan or goal for your Bible reading this year, check out these options.

What is your plan for Bible reading this year?


  1. My plan is to listen to four chapters a night, starting in genesis, with my kindle fire I got for Christmas. I also use YouVersion.Roughly four chapters a day will get me through the Bible in a year.

  2. I just finished a read through for 2011. It was a great thing to get in the daily habit of reading God’s word, and it was awesome to get such a great overview of the bible. I read the NIV version, in a chronological fashion from Find a plan that fits you, and stick with it for the year. If you have never read through the bible – or if it’s been awhile since you’ve done this, I recommend it.

    My plan for this year is to go deeper into some of the books I found challenging during my read through.

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