Why We Do Less @ Northridge

Here are some of the reasons we "under-program" @ Northridge.

  • We can do a lot of things in a mediocre (or poor) way, or we can do a few things extremely well. We continue to focus on doing few things really well.
  • Over-programming creates an illusion of fruitfulness that may simply be busyness.
  • Over-programming is a detriment to single-mindedness (the Great Commission)
  • Over-programming runs the risk of turning a church into a bunch of extracurricular activities – looking like the average over-busy suburban family.
  • Over-programming makes actual ministry effectiveness very difficult (if not unlikely). 
  • Over-programming creates satisfaction and illusion of success; and meanwhile the Great Commission can still be ignored.
  • Over-programming keeps church members so busy they can't reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers with the Gospel.
  • Over-programming is often the result of reactions to perceived needs and an inability to kill sacred cows that are actually already dead. 

* This list began with a post I read at "shrinkthechurch.com". So helpful!

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