Thought on Accountability…

In light of tomorrow's sermon, I was thinking about some questions I came across month's ago that I think are important. Human beings (especially men), don't like accountability. But there are huge benefits to accountability done well. These questions make me think of some of the benefits:

  • Who looks you in the eye and says, "given your skills, you could do better…"
  • Who have you given the right to ask, "What would happen if you doubled the amount you donated?"
  • Who would you listen to when they asked, "Could you set aside the fear and go for it?"
  • Who would you hear when told, "I know you're holding back…"
  • Who are you humble enough to respond well to when they say, "You handled that wrong and you need to apologize…"
  • Who is willing to say you to, "Your approach isn't working. You need to try something else."?

It takes love and kindness and confidence to bring the truth to a friend you care about. If you're insulating yourself from these conversations, who benefits? Find that friend! It is worth the time you give to it and the money you spend over breakfast or coffee on a weekly basis.

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