Advent Readings

Don't forget our Advent Conspiracy! The first application of our Advent Conspiracy is to use resources to help you focus on Christ this Christmas.

Many Advent resources began this past Sunday. Others begin December 1st. Choose one and go for it! Even if you are starting late (if you have a resource that began Sunday) – don't quit!

If you don't yet have a resource, there are plenty of free ones online. YouVersion is a free Bible app for your smartphone, and there is a great website (all for free). You can download the smartphone app HERE (click on mobile to pick your smartphone) and you can see the website HERE.

Here are some options for Advent Reading plans (all from

  1. Countdown to Christmas 29 days
    A fun Advent activity calendar to teach your whole family the significance of Christmas
  2. Christmas Begins with Christ 28 days
    Devotional focusing on the joy, peace, and hope surrounding Jesus’ birth
  3. Rediscovering the Christmas Season 25 days
    Scriptures and reflections that will help you center each day on Christ
  4. Carols: A Christmas Devotional 25 days
    Devotional revealing the biblical roots of classical Christmas songs
  5. The Christmas Story 5 days
    Biblical prophetic context and historical Gospel accounts of the Savior’s birth

Of course, and the Bible App now have many other Reading Plans—more than 200, in fact, including many in different languages.


What an amazing, free resource!


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