The Most Effective Method to Stop Abortion


I've been told that the most effective method to stop abortion is showing the mother an ultrasound of her baby. That makes sense. Any mom or dad that has seen their child in the womb knows it is a moving, unforgettable experience.

Compass Care (our local pro-life organization), in my opinion, is on the cutting edge of strategies for helping moms make good choices. And they need some help from pregnant moms!  To help convince pregnant women to not have abortions, they need to do more training of their nurses on how to do ultrasounds. So – if you are in your first trimester, want to help stop abortions, and want to receive a free ultrasound – get in touch with Compass Care.

They didn't ask me to post this – I just think this is an amazing way to get involved in a great ministry and be blessed at the same time.

CompassCare Ultrasound Model Ad


  1. David – I appreciate this ministry and your emphasis here. I would like to clarify the “most effective” portion, as this issue usually goes back and forth at the end result level and not at the causal level. For me, the most effective methods to stop abortion are (in descending order);

    1. Abstinence from sexual intercourse outside of marriage. (Given this usually requires a moral basis for abstinence, it is only useful for those coming from a Christian, or other religious point of view)

    2. Birth Control prior to / during sexual intercourse. For those who view sexual intercourse as a type of recreational activity, with no moral implications, this has to be an area of greater emphasis in preventing the need for any discussion of abortion as an alternative, at all!!!! Think of all the unnecessary trauma for women that could be avoided (most of it lifelong) if everything stopped here (casual level) and never got to the issue of the unplanned pregnancy (end result level), where then, another human being is involved!!!!

    Then……………..after the unplanned pregnancy occurs because #1 or #2 have been avoided.

    3. Counseling / Intervention by organizations such as Compass Care.

    Unfortunately, way too much of the political and media debate is ALL around the issue once women are at the #3 level……….seemingly no one wants to talk about / focus on the #2 level……..recipe for disaster, which has been going on now for close to 30 years………………..And the Church hasn’t helped the situation by taking a moral high ground that dealing with #2 is akin to promoting sinful behavior…………as if the people having sexual intercourse outside of marriage actually viewed it as such….. It gets back to the idea that we shouldn’t expect people to behave like Christ followers, if they are not…………so you have to deal with them where they are at / not where you would like them to be.

    So in the meantime, working at the #3 level is still a very much needed, with the likes of Compass Care, to help both mom and baby!!!!!

    Thanks for raising the awareness!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for passing on this information. It is such a blessing to have an alternative resource to support rather than just marching, protesting, and complaining. This has always been an issue that greatly disturbed me in our country. I remember having to be a peacekeeper at some of these protests and it really effected me emotionally. It is difficult to be a neutral party when you are aware of the devastation that takes place as a result of making an awful, and often hasty decision.

    I really appreciate your thoughtful approach to practically affording change to such troubling moral issues we face.

    Lord knows we need these reminders about the spiritual battles that continue to take place and how we can make a true difference for Christ.

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