I’m Begging You…

I begging, pleading, and I'd twist your arm if I could… but however it needs to happen – – –

PLEASE DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to get someone to come to Northridge Church tomorrow who doesn't know Christ.

I really think you will be glad you did. I'm reviewing my talk for tomorrow and can't wait to deliver this life-changing Truth to as many people as possible.

Bring SOMEONE tomorrow. 

For the same of the Gospel and your lost friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member – Will you BE BOLD? The worst they can do is say "no."



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  1. How about my neighbors computer was down and she was really upset and frustrated. She asked me if I could take a look at it. (I am NO computer guru!!) I said ok I would take a look. Somehow through God’s grace I got it running again(no idea what I was doing LOL) . She asked me how she could thank me and I said “Come to church with me tomorrow 🙂 ” Here’s praying she will!!

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