Things to Consider Before Going to Church Tomorrow

Here are some things to consider before showing up @ Northridge tomorrow:

  1. In case you think "singing" and "worship" are exact synonyms – consider this before tomorrow morning:

    “Now it is totally true that we worship as we sing. But that is only one aspect of worship. We have subtly taught (in my opinion) a reductionist view of worship limiting it primarily to music and singing as what defines the word and practice… in terms of sacrifice – singing doesn’t cost us too much. We mentally and emotionally bring ascent to our thoughts as we sing and focus on God. But we aren’t really sacrificing something. Are we?” — Dan Kimball

  2. If you get a few minutes, read Ephesians 6:5-9 and pray that God uses this well-known passage in your life tomorrow.
  3. Would you consider serving others and parking far? Thank you to those of you who do this every day. I am convinced God is and will reward you. For those who haven't done it yet – would you consider helping us out by parking off site? Even if you only come to the first service… the in between times can be very difficult. Thanks for considering it.
  4. I can't wait for the final song tomorrow. You will enjoy it and be encouraged by it! Hope you don't miss it!

See ya' tomorrow.

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