Bike Trip – Day One

By the way, the video I posted yesterday was "private" and you weren't able to watch it. We made it public today (in case you wanted to see it).  Click HERE to watch the Ephesians video from Sunday AM.

We rode 80 miles today – averaging 14.9 miles per hour.  We rode from Buffalo to Rochester today. I was pretty exhausted by the end. Here are a few pictures:


You might know three of us: Bill Sones, far right (moved to Harrisburg recently), Jason DeGraaff, far left (Director of Assimilation at Northridge), and me. The other three guys aren't from Rochester. Two live in Harrisburg and one now lives in Pittsburgh.

Bike Trip 02

The trail is very dusty. Drafting made all the difference when I was tired today.

Bike Trip 03

50 miles down; 30 to go… Notice the dust on my shoes and shins.

Bike Trip 05

A stop in Gasport.

Bike Trip 04

We used the hose to wash the dust off and jumped in our new pool! The most refreshing swim I've had in years.

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