Thinking Biblically

What Does Baptism For the Dead Mean?

Mark Nelson taught 1 Corinthians 15:12-34 at Northridge Church yesterday. He came across the passage that talks about baptism for the dead. What does that [...]

Pastors: 4 Things That Build Your Ego But Hurt Your Church

Are you a lead pastor? Or a staff member at your church? Here are four things that probably build your ego but actually may hurt your church: When [...]

The Life of Julia (an Important 4 Minutes of Your Day)

Today is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Can you take 4 minutes to watch this [...]

Biblical View of Guns and Self-Defense

A few weeks ago a firestorm started when the president of Liberty University (Jerry Falwell Jr.) made this impromptu statement at the college convocation - [...]

Why I Gave Up Alcohol

When I discuss alcohol use in sermons and online, I often get pushback from both sides - saying I am too soft or too harsh. That could mean I have a good [...]

My Thoughts on Ferguson

I've been asked many times about the Ferguson situation. And frankly, I've hesitated because I don't know enough to comment on the facts, but I also don't [...]

Supporting ALS Research and Being Pro-Life

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has quickly taken over social media newsfeeds. At first many were skeptical about its effectiveness in raising awareness and [...]

The Calvinist I Want to Be (a.k.a. – Why I Fell in Love with the Teaching of John Piper)

This video/poem is classic John Piper. I've watched it at least a half a dozen times or more and struggle to hold back tears every time (the ending is [...]

Different But Not Odd

"You think people don't like you because you love Jesus. Maybe people don't like you because you're socially weird inside that tiny, [...]

An Ineffective Question: “If You Died Tonight…”

I think most popular forms of presenting the Gospel begin with a question like, "If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go?" That [...]