Sunday in Hindsight

My Resignation (video from Sunday)

On Sunday, March 13, 2016, I resigned my position as the lead pastor of Northridge Church. Here is the video of that part of the service, in case you missed [...]

7 Questions I Asked Before Resigning

I've been thinking about resigning for about a year. About a month ago, I came across a list of questions to ask before resigning your church. It was [...]

Tonight – Q&A on Facebook (8:00 PM) – Tuesday

  During Sunday's sermon - I asked for questions. Well, I got them! So I will be doing a brief Q&A live on Facebook tonight (Tuesday) at 8:00 [...]

What Does Baptism For the Dead Mean?

Mark Nelson taught 1 Corinthians 15:12-34 at Northridge Church yesterday. He came across the passage that talks about baptism for the dead. What does that [...]

Holy Spirit Chaos – More Information

As we teach through 1 Corinthians, there isn't a chapter more debated than chapter 14. In fact, it may be the most debated chapter in all of the New Testament. [...]

7 Questions to Ask While Reading the Bible

Do you ever struggle with getting anything out of your Bible reading? Do you ever close your Bible and five minutes later, you have no idea what you [...]

Church on Purpose

During our services last Sunday I spoke about "Church on Purpose" - what is the mission of Northridge Church and what challenges do we face in trying to [...]

An Amazing Story Worth Hearing Twice

I love getting to hear stories about how God changes people's lives, and we got to hear Michael Sablosky's amazing story at all of Northridge's campuses on [...]

Attend One, Serve One

We have some absolutely amazing volunteers that help make church happen at all 3 Northridge campuses every Sunday. This video highlights only a portion of [...]

An Email is Coming!

If you missed Sunday at Northridge, can you watch this two-minute video? Thanks! To fill out the survey mentioned in the [...]