Just Thinking…

Why I Gave Up Alcohol

When I discuss alcohol use in sermons and online, I often get pushback from both sides - saying I am too soft or too harsh. That could mean I have a good [...]

People Are More Important than Getting Things Done (a video)

I came across this video that serves as a great reminder to invest in people, even when the demands of our schedules and checklists seem to be more important. [...]

An Ineffective Question: “If You Died Tonight…”

I think most popular forms of presenting the Gospel begin with a question like, "If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go?" That [...]

Social Media / Priorities – part 5

OK - one last thought on this topic of social media and our priorities. It is an article that I read recently. I think it is important. Please don't [...]

Social Media / Priorities – part 4

I love this thought from Russ Ramsey... (please read carefully and slowly - it's really good) - In our amazing era of digital immediacy, I can tell the [...]

Social Media / Priorities – part 3

Before you read this - know this: I believe there are great and appropriate uses for FACEBOOK. I am on FACEBOOK. My fear is that you may get defensive and [...]

Generic Ketchup @ Pete’s Diner – part 4

OK - this is my final post on "generic ketchup." You can catch all the previous posts here: (part 1, part 2, and part 3) Here are four final [...]

Generic Ketchup @ Pete’s Diner – part 3

The last two days, I've talked about generic ketchup. You can read part one HERE and part two HERE. Let me give some applications to church life: Here is [...]

Generic Ketchup @ Pete’s Diner – part 2

Yesterday, I mentioned my thoughts on restaurants that serve generic ketchup. You can read that HERE. Here are a few more thoughts I have on generic ketchup [...]

Generic Ketchup @ Pete’s Diner – part 1

I went out of town Monday and met a great, old friend for breakfast on Tuesday. He took me to his favorite, local breakfast spot - Pete's Diner. We drove [...]