6 Questions to Ask Ourselves in Conflict

In THIS article Mark Altrogge wrote recently, he focuses on 6 questions we can ask ourselves when we are in conflict. The article is brief but offers some [...]

Get Over It!

Ok, I don't mean it that strongly. I just wanted to get your attention.  Here are a couple of thoughts about the past that have been going through [...]

Is My Sickness Because of Sin? (a video)

Last Sunday I preached from James 5:14-16, and I received a lot of questions from people about how they can know if their sickness is because of sin in their [...]

Two Problems With Whining

For years I've reminded my girls that you can always choose your attitude. Years ago I came across a blog that mentioned two problems with whining. I [...]

Explaining or Excusing?

Your background may explain you, but it doesn't excuse you. Excuse: "That's just the way I am"Excuse: "That's the way I was [...]

A Phrase I Never Want to Hear

I have often talked about phrases that I dislike hearing people say when I am counseling. It includes things like: "I can't..."  My [...]

Who I Am in Christ

On Sunday I taught from 1 Peter 2:9-10 and the point was: "If we fully embrace our identity in Christ, it will radically impact our behavior in the [...]

Worry… Living as a Functional Atheist…

I love a statement I heard recently: "When we worry, we are living as a functional atheist." That's a great statement challenging an acceptable [...]

What can a depressed person do daily while fighting for joy?

This is a re-post from the website Practical Shepherding. You can see the original post HERE. WHAT CAN A DEPRESSED PERSON DO DAILY WHILE FIGHTING FOR JOY?by [...]

Guard vs. Follow

I wish more people would heed the biblical advice to guard their heart instead of the culture's advice to follow [...]