Author: David Whiting

Aljoun Castle – Middle East Trip – Post #9

Up until today, all three girls have said that the Mt. Sinai trip (particularly riding camels) was their favorite part of our trip so far.  But today, [...]

Dead Sea – Jordan River – Mt. Nebo – Middle East Trip – Post #8

Today was a big day!  Josh and Nannette had many things to do so we struck out on our own.  Map in hand and directions from Josh - we headed to Mt. [...]

The Madman of Gadara – Middle East Trip – Post #7

On Monday, Nannette took Sue and the girls shopping while I stayed at the apartment and did hours of internet searching and phone calling for our Israel [...]

Our Week in Egypt – Middle East Trip – Post #6

Our week in Egypt was for two primary purposes. We wanted to spend a week completely relaxing and resting. The second purpose was to spend some time with Josh [...]

Howard Statler – Finally Home

I miss Howard Statler. I am so sorry he went to heaven while I was away. That is one memorial service I would have really enjoyed. He's one of my heroes and [...]

More from Sinai – Middle East Trip – Post #5

This is a continuation from yesterday's post about our Mt. Sinai experience... After the sun rose, I read the background of the story of the Ten Commandments [...]

Mt. Sinai – Middle East Trip – Post #4

What an experience we had on Wednesday!!  After about two hours of sleep, we got up Tuesday night at 11:30 PM to meet our taxi at midnight so we could [...]

Egypt Trip – Middle East Trip – Post #3

On Sunday morning we began our trip to Egypt. We first took a bus from Amman to Aqaba, then a boat from Aqaba into Egypt. Then we took a taxi from the port to [...]

Middle East Trip – Post #2

Arriving in town on Friday morning, we kept busy to keep from sleeping during the day. We went grocery shopping.  Morgan loves chips and loves ketchup, [...]

We Are Here… Amman, Jordan

We made it. I am sitting in Josh & Nannette's apartment (please don't use their last name on any comments you may make on the blog).  I will refer to [...]