Author: David Whiting

Call to Prayer in Jerusalem – Middle East Trip – Post #20

Morning Call to Prayer in JerusalemI thought you might want to experience the 3:50 AM Morning Call to Prayer in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of [...]

A Relaxing Day – Middle East Trip – Post #19

After a VERY busy and tiring week - we did a lot of relaxing today.  There was a lot of laundry to do too!!  Josh and the girls went shopping [...]

Back to Jordan – Middle East Trip – Post #18

Today was our final morning in Israel. A lifelong dream has been fulfilled and I feel that we saw most (but not all) of what I wanted to see.  We pushed [...]

Caesarea – Middle East Trip – Post #17

Caesarea is an incredible city. Herod had it built in honor of Caesar (hence, the name).  And the city is hard to describe. I won't bore you with the [...]

The Sea of Galilee – Middle East Trip – Post #16

Today's main goal was the Sea of Galilee.  We got quite a bit in today... Here's some picture highlights. I include several scripture links to make it [...]

A Day of Protection – Middle East Trip – Post #15

Today was focused on "protection."  1) Masada was the final location where the Jews were PROTECTED against the Romans after the fall of [...]

Jerusalem Day 3 – Middle East Trip – Post #14

This was the most-packed day yet!  We got up early and headed out a little after 7:00 AM.  Here are some pictures of the day... Every day [...]

Wailing Wall Video – Middle East Trip – Post #13

Wailing Wall Here is a video that I took from the Wailing/Western Wall today. It was SO sad for me to see people who are chanting, praying, and singing... [...]

Jerusalem Day 2 – Middle East Trip – Post #12

I could write for an hour about what we experienced today, but I will spare you that and give you the "Cliff Notes and Pictures" [...]

A Lifelong Dream FULFILLED – Middle East Trip – Post #11

I believe it was during my freshman year of college where I began desiring to get to Israel one day.  That desire has never left me.  In fact, it [...]