Author: David Whiting

More from Sinai – Middle East Trip – Post #5

This is a continuation from yesterday's post about our Mt. Sinai experience... After the sun rose, I read the background of the story of the Ten Commandments [...]

Mt. Sinai – Middle East Trip – Post #4

What an experience we had on Wednesday!!  After about two hours of sleep, we got up Tuesday night at 11:30 PM to meet our taxi at midnight so we could [...]

Egypt Trip – Middle East Trip – Post #3

On Sunday morning we began our trip to Egypt. We first took a bus from Amman to Aqaba, then a boat from Aqaba into Egypt. Then we took a taxi from the port to [...]

Middle East Trip – Post #2

Arriving in town on Friday morning, we kept busy to keep from sleeping during the day. We went grocery shopping.  Morgan loves chips and loves ketchup, [...]

We Are Here… Amman, Jordan

We made it. I am sitting in Josh & Nannette's apartment (please don't use their last name on any comments you may make on the blog).  I will refer to [...]

City Approvals FINISHED!!

Thanks for your prayers. Today was a VERY interesting day of meetings with the City Zoning Board.  The meetings started at 9:30.  We were the sixth [...]

“You Are Taking Your Family WHERE?!?!”

This Thursday our entire family is headed to the Middle East for four weeks. We will be in Jordan, Israel, and Egypt. Some have questioned the wisdom of [...]

Sunday Night Reflections

A few thoughts that are going through my mind... Today was my last sermon until the end of August.  That's a strange feeling - that's for sure. It was a [...]

I Love Email – I Hate Email

I decided that I just HAD to devote some time to answering emails this morning.  So I spent two and a half hours answering, dealing with, praying over, [...]

Why Am I Being Blamed?

Some of you remember that back on my birthday, I showed up in my office to find it totally decorated with tin foil.  Here are a couple of pictures. [...]