What Does Baptism For the Dead Mean?


Mark Nelson taught 1 Corinthians 15:12-34 at Northridge Church yesterday. He came across the passage that talks about baptism for the dead. What does that mean? He spent a few minutes on the topic, but he and I decided it would be good to point people to more information if they are interested.

Here are some articles that may grab your attention if you’d like to know more about what Paul meant when he talked about baptism for the dead:

Hopefully those articles are helpful. It is a passage that raises questions, that is for sure. I appreciated those articles and thought it maybe helpful to you

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  1. I thought these were great — thanks for sharing. I like how they all approached the topic with humility and drove the point home that, because of the context surrounding the chapter, the reason Paul is bringing this up in the first place is to convince/defend that the resurrection is real, important, and affects how we live. Getting too hung up on pinning down exactly what he meant could cause someone to miss the larger point being made.

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