Redeeming the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is a big deal. I worked for Frito-Lay in college and seminary and it was the highest selling week for Frito-Lay products all year. The average commercial this year costs $5 million for 30-seconds. Wow. That is hard to fathom. The halftime show and commercials have become cultural “events” – and that is apart from the Super Bowl experience itself.

Here is the reality – there will be many commercials that are a bit embarrassing for a Christ-follower to watch. I figure you have four options:

  • Ignore the commercials – that is hard when they are such a major part of the Super Bowl experience in our culture.
  • Mute the TV – which only solves the sound issue but not the sight issue
  • Change the channel – which will cause a panic attack with every real sports fan that might miss the next play, and you risk being seen as a old-fashioned legalist who probably churns your own butter and makes your own clothes
  • Redeem the commercials by evaluating them biblically – this is my favorite option

Here is how you can redeem the commercials and halftime show. After each commercial – quickly try to answer these two questions. You may miss the next commercial answering them – so you may end up discussing them during the game (horror of horrors for true sports fans). Review these questions a couple of times before the game begins so your family can be evaluating while you watch.

  1. What was that commercial selling – REALLY? The most common answers – 1) feel-good pleasure, 2) prestige and power, or 3) must-have possession.  Even the humorous commercials are using SOMETHING to help you want their product. Occasionally, they go with humor for “brand recognition” (perhaps by getting people to talk about the commercial on Monday morning).
  2. Does this ad tell the truth or is it trying to deceive me? What is the lie or deception? What would the ad say if it was telling the total truth?

Then occasionally ask these questions:

  1. What themes are you noticing?
  2. What thoughts are coming to your mind about what we are seeing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts after the Super Bowl if you try this. Email me at [email protected]

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