What Kind of Praise Do You Tend to Give Your Kids?

I saw this video recently and really liked the study, but I should say that I don’t know anything about this guy, his website, or his newsletter (that is to say – this is not an endorsement). That being said, the video and the corresponding study are very interesting.
PARENTS – please watch this video!
Parents, teachers, and those that volunteer in our Kids’ Ministry, here are some general tips:
  • Praise more than you criticize.
  • What you praise matters. What you praise WILL be pursued.
  • SO – Praise character not looks or beauty.
  • Praise effort not intelligence.

It seems that parents have a tendency to do the opposite:

  • Parents more quickly criticize than praise.
  • Parents quickly tell their daughters how beautiful they look more than their character.
  • Parents tend to praise intelligence (good grades) not strong effort.

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