Oh No! You Missed It!!!


I’ve noticed something in recent years. With the ability to capture and share moments on social media (particularly Facebook and Instagram), there is a growing tendency to miss the very moment you are capturing.

I don’t mean that you missed getting the photo or the selfie. But you can miss experiencing the moment you were there to live.

This spring, I saw two examples that brought all of this to my mind. Check out these photos. (I will put the videos in also. I would encourage you to watch them.)

Example 1: Baseball

The first one is of Migel Cabrera. He is the American League 2-time MVP. He stops by to shake a boy’s hand (who is clearly enjoying the moment). But notice the guy next to the boy. He is inches from a famous baseball player that he must have paid a lot of money to see (sitting in the front row). But while Migel is inches from him, he spends all his time trying to pull out his phone and record the moment. And he misses the entire thing, and never gets the moment recorded. He tries to play it cool, but he totally missed the photo and (more importantly) he missed the unique experience.


In the photo above, notice the man is already reaching for his phone because he noticed the moment is going to happen.


The boy is enjoying the moment (a story he will tell for years). The man next to him, still trying to get his phone ready, is clearly missing the moment.


And now it’s happening. Notice the man is still trying to prep his phone to record a moment that is almost over. The next man is enjoying the moment. And the woman is watching the moment THROUGH her phone.


And now the moment is over. The man is still getting his phone ready. In fact, notice in the front row – only one of them is enjoying the moment right where he is. The other three are a couple of feet from one of the greatest baseball players in the world and they are staring at their phones.

Here is the video of the moment if you want to watch it:


Example 2: Tim McGraw

This second example was during the TODAY Show. Tim McGraw (a country singer) was walking through the crowd. There are two things to notice.


First, notice that it seems more people are recording the moment than NOT recording the moment (Tim is the one in the black cowboy hat). Why are they so focused on recording the moment or taking a photo? I think NBC probably has better equipment and they could watch it anytime they want – on YouTube. Notice how many of them are NOT watching Tim McGraw, but instead are watching Tim McGraw through their small phone screen!

But the moment that stuck out to me was this:


Notice this guy! He must be a Tim McGraw fan because he got in the front. If he was willing to get up at 5:00 AM (or earlier) to see Tim McGraw, but instead of watching Tim, he sets himself up for a selfie with Tim passing by him.  And in taking the selfie – he had to turn his back on Tim McGraw.


Tim is past him now, but he’s still not looking at Tim, but taking a selfie photo or video – hoping to get Tim in the photo/video.


Tim is now fully past him (he’s the guy in the black coat on the left side of the screen). He’s no longer recording or taking a photo – now he’s trying to LOOK at what photo he took. Once again, missing Tim completely, and I think, missing the moment he was there to experience.


Further away – still looking at his phone.


Notice that he is almost behind the banner. And he still has not looked up to see Tim for himself (which was the entire reason he showed up early to get near the front).

If you want to see the video – here it is: Skip ahead to 2:35 to watch the moment unfold. It all happens in a few seconds.

If you can’t see either video and want to – click HERE or on the title above to see them videos.

THE POINT – capturing moments with our phones is awesome. They are great to share with others and have long-term memories. But sometimes I wonder – if in the process of trying to capture the moment, we miss the very moment we wanted to capture.



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