Five Great Sundays Coming @ Northridge Church

We just finished a series on money, called “Money Myths.” You can see it HERE. I always get a bit nervous during a series like that – wondering if people will still invite friends, what will new people think, and will they get the wrong idea.

I was blown away to discover that the last two weeks of the series were two of our four highest attended non-holiday/special Sundays of all time! That is amazing. So – if you are still inviting during a money series, you need to know, the next five weeks are perfectly ideal for invitations.

This Sunday is Advent Conspiracy Sunday. We will introduce our project, but we will primarily spend our time giving videos and updates on Maramara, our village in Chad, Africa. You won’t want to miss it. We’ve never devoted an entire message to Chad. So this is a unique Sunday. I’m so excited for you to see the videos from Chad and what is happening there.

Advent Conspiracy Series Title

In December, we will be doing a series called “Christmas at the Movies.” Each week we will feature a different classic, Christmas movie and relate it to the Christmas story and to our lives. You won’t want to miss it.

Christmas at the Movies Series Title

Here is the video we used last Sunday to promote the story of Chad. Check it out if you missed it or if you want to pass it along to someone else. If you receive this by email, click HERE to see the video.

Who could you invite to any of the next five weeks?

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