Who Is Your Target? – Part 2

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Yesterday, I began a brief series on "Who Is Your Target?" It is for churches and is a bit counter-intuitive. 

You can read part 1 HERE.

The point of yesterday was this:

The wider your target, the less powerful your impact. 

The wider your target on Sunday morning, the less people you will likely reach.

The more narrow your target on Sunday morning, the more people you will likely reach.

The more narrow your target, the more powerful your impact.


When you ask churches who their target is – they often say, "EVERYONE." There are a few things I've learned about those churches (this is the part that's a bit harsh, but please keep reading):

  • They believe the target being "everyone" is biblical and certainly more spiritual that having a particular target.
  • They often have quite a bit of theological and spiritual pride that is seen by others but they don't seem to see it clearly in the mirror.
  • They usually are not churches that are actually reaching anyone, much less everyone.

Of course, in one sense our target is anyone, but I'm not sure if everyone is best or accurate. 

Our targets are primarily these four people (in this intentional order):

  • The person who trusted Christ on Thursday
  • The person who will be trusting Christ next Thursday
  • A 8th grader (likely a boy as they are harder to reach)
  • A mature believer

Focusing on that target (a brand new believer) changed everything we do. It seems to me, many churches reverse this order. Their primary target is mature believers. I'm convinced if you make that your primary target, you will never reach the other three. If you make the new believer the target, it is pretty easy to reach all four targets. 

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