You NEED to Hear Brittany’s Story!

I get the privilege of hearing about so many amazing stories of life change because of my role at the church. And so many times I find myself saying, "That is why I do what I do!"

Recently I received an email and asked permission to share it with you. I love being part of a church committed to making more and better disciples – even though it involves hard choices!

"I started going to church about a year and a half ago. This was a big change for me, considering I was brought up Jewish for 16 years. I thought a lot about going to church and what it would be like, but I was always too hesitant to try. Things became easier to understand in my head when I stepped foot into Northridge. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, and the band was just outstanding. I loved how warm and cozy it was there. I loved the sermon, everything about that day just felt right. I loved it! Giving up my Jewish way of life was honestly easy. It wasn't too easy telling my very Jewish mother of my choice, but eventually she learned to except that I was going to believe in Jesus and go to church.

As a Jewish person, you are taught not to believe in Jesus. If you even say the word Jesus or Christmas in the temple everyone looks at you in disbelief. I never knew anything about Jesus, I never thought it was important to believe in him, because of my upbringing. So when I decided to attend church, I had a lot of questions. The answers I got made me more interested in learning about Jesus. So when I got back to Florida (where I live) after attending Northridge I started the hunt to find a church I could relate to. After a few tries here and there I found a church I love. I actually celebrated my first Christmas this year, and loved every second of it! 

Every time I go to church I get closer to God and closer to Jesus, and I'm so happy I made this major change in my life. While I am on the subject of life changes, I just want to let the world know how unbelievably proud I am of three dedicated members of Northridge, my Grandma and Grandpa and my Aunt Kelli who completely changed their lives by attending Northridge. I've seen all three of these people commit themselves to God, and become more compassionate, loving, and caring people. I owe a lot to them for helping me and showing me the way to Jesus. I'm so very thankful to everyone at Northridge Church for giving me my head start!"

Thanks, Brittany, for letting me share your story!! 

God Rochester NY

  1. That’s my niece!!!!!
    My mom made this all a surprise for me. I had no idea she wrote that letter. Britt, I adore you and am so proud of your courage and dedication. I mean honestly, I don’t know of another 16 yr old that would search out a baptist church let alone in another state being brought up Jewish and speaking Hebrew as well as you my dear. I am so proud of you. Thank you David for posting. She is an amazingly brilliant young lady that will make a difference in the world. One modest,bright, Jesus loving girl at a time.

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