Back to Maramara – Friday

We went back to the village on Friday. Here is a brief summary.  

Care for Poor Church Rochester NY_01


This sign indicates that a school is being built in Maramara in partnership with World Concern and Northridge Church. 


Care for Poor Church NY_02

The school is coming along quickly. They want to be done before the rainy season when all the builders will need to focus on planting.


Care for Poor Church Rochester NY_04

I am standing at the school. To the left side of the photo you can see the well (approximately 500 yards away). Another 200 yards beyond the well you can see the village. So it isn't a long walk to the school. And it is certainly shorter than their former walks to the well used in the driest part of the year. The building on the right is for storing grain. Sadly, they weren't using it so most of their food burned (I will tell that story another time).


Care for the Poor Church Rochester NY_05

We had a chance to sit down with two of the same women we interviewed in October. We wanted to hear about the fire and about the difference the well has made in their lives.


Care for the Poor Church Rochester NY_06

Mark Lamb (from World Concern) taking photos of the kids and showing them. They love doing that!


Care for the Poor Church Rochester NY_07

It is amazing to see them working on rebuilding their homes! They have rebuilt several shelters and about ten homes (or perhaps ten households, I couldn't tell which they meant). One family can have several homes. The men have multiple wives and many, many children.


Mission Church Rochester NY_05

As they build their home – before they put on the walls – they let the kids use it as a swing-set. It is awesome to watch! They kids have so much joy!


Care for the Poor Church Rochester NY_09

You can see the black circle in the photo. That is where a house stood. In the far background you can see homes that we unaffected by the fire.


Care for the Poor Church Rochester NY_10

Our HighPoint ministry took photos of each service at High Point and many of them signed a letter. I read it to many of the children. They loved looking at the photos and were shocked that the children at our church knew who they were. This man (one of the village leaders) is thanking us again for the food that was distributed to them this week. It was an honor to represent Northridge Church to this village.


Care for the Poor Church Rochester NY_11

When the temperature is over 110 – shade is the place to be. Some of the men from the village sat in the shade near our World Concern vehicle just to get out of the sun. 


Well Rochester NY_11

The roads back to the village are interesting. We have to travel through many wadis (dry river beds). It is a very bumpy journey!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will head back to the village one more time.




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