Filming in Israel – Day 3 (Sunday)

Today we did more filming in Israel for an Easter series. Here are some photos Brad took along the way:

We got up early to get "good light" on the southern and eastern walls of Jerusalem.



Walking along the southern wall of Jerusalem next to the Temple Mount to shoot a video at the eastern gate. 



Our guide found a great balcony that we could video from – to see the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. We have been asked (because of a photo I posted yesterday) about wearing yamakas. Nate was wearing one in one of the photos to be respectful, the Orthodox Jews ask people to wear them as they approach the wall. If you look at the courtyard, you see a wall about 150 feet from the Western Wall. They ask everyone who comes within the limits of that wall to have their head covered. Nate wasn't trying to be funny. He was trying to be respectful. 

02.09-03-Western Wall


On top of the balcony reviewing scripts…

02.09-04-Script Review


Nate & I are discussing a shot we want to take while some young teenage boys ask a lot of questions above us. A camera and some equipment grabs a lot of attention where ever you go.

02.09-05-Boys Attention


Walking in the Old City of Jerusalem.

02.09-06-Old City


Taping in front of David's Citadel… (trying to time it with traffic so no cars or people were in the shot)

02.10-07-David's Citadel


Deciding on where to set up for a shot near the Upper Room…

02.11-08-Upper Room


We got a lot done, but need another full, productive day on Monday!

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