Tomorrow – Advent Conspiracy Offering

Many people have been giving to the Advent Conspiracy already, as we partner together to give the greatest gift for the greatest need. I heard that we are above $10,000 already! I have heard so many amazing stories about people finding creative ways to give. Nate Miller and Nate Bantle had the opportunity to present Advent Conspiracy at a public school in Webster because a 3rd grader decided "we aren't doing enough" to help the people in Chad! 

Tomorrow is the offering that we are taking for Advent Conspiracy. The Stewardship Team has decided to give all of tomorrow's offering toward the projects. So let me remind you that there are three ways to give to the Advent Conspiracy:

1. You can go to and give there.

2. You can go to our website and click on the "Give Online" link – and choose "Advent Conspiracy" from the drop down menu once you log in or once you register. 

3. During the offering tomorrow at our Greece or Irondequoit campuses. 

Our goal is $80,000. I hope you are ready for tomorrow. We are asking that every family at Northridge give your greatest Christmas gift to the greatest needs.  

  Advent Conspiracy


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