Coming Home (CHAD Trip – Days 7-9)

Well – after a mind-blowing trip, it is time to come home. Here are some final pics to tell our story:

Day 7.01

This was were I slept for these days – in a single bed covered by a mosquito net (because of the risk of malaria). Where we are staying, the generator kicks off around 10 PM (until about 8 AM) and then the air conditioning is done and after baking in the heat all day long – the room gets pretty hot, pretty quick. The first night was almost unbearable to sleep. I finally braved the mosquitoes and went outside for about 90 minutes at 1:30 AM – as it was slightly cooler outside (like 95 degrees) than inside our room. Thankfully, the other nights were more bearable and I was able to fall back to sleep – even after waking up because of the heat. 


Day 7.03

Nate's side of the room. Although it looks like a mess right now – he's a clean roommate.


Day 7.04

We were scheduled to stay at the UN compound, but they had a bunch of last-minute UN employees come into Goz Beida, we stayed at a different NGO (Non-Government Organization). It was Oxfam. A non-Christian organization helping the refugees from Darfur.


Day 7.05

This is the compound wall and building for World Concern in Goz Beida. You'd never see anything like this near the village. This is the "town" of Goz Beida where all the NGOs for eastern Chad are based. World Concern is the only Christian NGO (think non-profit in the US) in the area. All other organizations are secular relief organizations.


Day 7.06

I love that our daily restaurant doesn't use a vacuum… they use a rake!! haha!!


Day 7.07

This is from the plane as we flew across Chad.  We had three flights to get from Goz Beida to get back to the capital (N'Djamena). What you see in this photo is a wadi (dry river bed). Imagine two months a year – this is filled with water and ten months a year – it looks like this.

Once back in Goz Beida, we stayed at the same hotel we stayed at on the way into the country – then the next afternoon was our long flights. From N'Djamena to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From Ethiopia to Rome, from Rome to Dulles in DC (about 24 hours of flying there). 

Once in Dulles, Nate flew to Rochester, and Sue picked me up there so we could drive down to visit Ali at college.

It was an amazing trip and I'm thankful for your interest and prayers.

Please begin to regularly pray for the village of Maramara!  You will begin seeing videos this Sunday! I can't wait for you to see them!


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  1. I’m sure not only “a mind-blowing trip” but also a heart- and life-changing experience. I can’t wait for the download!

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