Focus on the Family? Or Focus on Public Policy


When I grew up – everyone knew about the ministry Focus on the Family. It was one of the best known, nation-wide parachurch organizations that seemed to be able to cross denominational barriers with ease.

In recent years – for many reasons – it doesn't seem to have quite the same reach it used to. Technology has had a negative impact on its influence (so many other sources of good information and it's all free). People aren't tied to listening to the radio as much as they used to. Radio dramas aren't as popular with kids today.

The economic downturns the last several years have taken a huge hit on the ministry also. Of course, James Dobson retired (although that happened well after its loss of influence and income, I think).

But I recently heard an interview with the president of Focus on the Family (Jim Daly) and I loved what I heard. He acknowledged that they had gotten away from their purpose over the last decade or so, and they were going to go back to making sure they were focused on the family and not on public policy.

I think parachurch ministries often start with one purpose but quickly move toward complaining about the culture in which we find ourselves. I look forward to what Focus on the Family does as it turns its focus back to the Family!

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