An Apology to the 2nd Service in Irondequoit


On Sunday through Tuesday, twelve of us attended a Small Group's conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Besides me, those who attended are our Community Group coaches (Scott Bixby, Nate Miller, Brad Files, Mark Nelson, and Jason DeGraaff) and our spouses. Our Community Group coaches work with all the Community Group leaders to help them stay trained, encouraged, equipped, and challenged in their role as Community Group leaders.

To get there in time – I had to leave as soon as the first service concluded on Sunday in Irondequoit. So within five minutes of the service ending, I left for the airport. We delivered the sermon at the 2nd service in Irondequoit the exact same way we deliver it to Greece every week – via a hard drive device called AJA. 

But I was told that there were several audio glitches during playback of the 2nd service at the Irondequoit campus. I'm sorry about that. Our team is "on it" and trying to fix it. We've been in contact with the manufacturer of the equipment and it is being replaced in Irondequoit and updated in Greece. We think delivering the sermon via video has been very effective at Greece and also effective when we've used it at Irondequoit. However, that doesn't matter – if YOU brought a guest on Sunday and the glitches were distracting.  Over and over we are told that a few minutes into the video – you don't think about it being on the screen. That works great – – – as long as there aren't technology glitches. 

So again – I'm sorry. We will work hard to fix it. When you invite a guest to attend church with you, you are placing a lot of trust in us to create an atmosphere and deliver content that is conducive to what God wants to do in changing lives. We do take that seriously and will will work hard to improve our technology issues that occurred. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. David,
    Our family is very thankful for the care and attention that you and the staff invest into all kinds of details! Thanks for being purposeful, progressive, and most of all, being a servant!

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