In Case You Missed These Baptism Videos (3 videos)

I am SO excited for those at the Irondequoit campus to see the video of the first Greece campus baptism from last week! 

And as I was thinking about baptism – I thought you might enjoy seeing some more of the baptisms and life change stories from this year. These were all shared on Sunday mornings, but in case you missed one, wanted to see it again, or wanted to pass it along to others. There are three videos below.

If you don't see the videos below – click HERE to watch them.

Linda grew up knowing about faith, but didn't learn about a relationship with Jesus until later in life. She became a follower of Christ and began to desire to be in His will and His word more and more. You can watch the rest of her story below.

Eli is a student in our youth ministry who has been learning about God and growing in his faith. You can watch his story and baptism below. I'm especially excited that he asked Matt Burgett to baptize him. Matt's journey in and out of prison and through drug addiction is a major story itself. So to see Matt impacting students is just awesome!

Julie struggled with loneliness after a series of difficult events in her life. She found community at Northridge through Starting Point and a Community Group, both of which helped her see that she wanted to trust Jesus with her life. The rest if her story and baptism are below.

Again, if you receive this blog via email, you can watch all 3 of the videos here.








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