The Power of Community


I recently found an email from someone involved in community groups at Northridge. Are you in one? If not – listen to one woman's words (names taken out for privacy):

Please know that small groups (starting for us with the __________ amazing hospitality, dedication, and authenticity) have been transformational in our family and marriage.   In the same way our study of Ephesians demonstrated our position and practice, life groups at Northridge are the place where the reality of more and better disciples is realized.   We've never seen such thoughtful and careful planning before – without the sense that we were some how part of a special club, out to convince others to drink the kool aid, too.  Instead, people are genuinely invited to drink of the goodness of God and enjoy abundant life in him…whether or not they would make close friends in a different setting.  People's willingness and even joy in multiplying (as we were so humbled to see in our group through the leaders) are just one of countless examples that it is the Gospel that is celebrated at Northridge-not the method.  Thank you for all the hard work, attention to detail, and all the other behind the scenes hours that go into shepherding and training.  

We'd love to have you try out a Community Group. The next four weeks – all groups will be doing sermon-based DVD discussions. It is a great time to try one out! Just see Brad at the Irondequoit campus tomorrow or the information center at the Greece Campus!

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