Why I Love A Knick – Even Though I Don’t Like THE Knicks

Jeremy Lin was a sports sensation during this last NBA season. He has been offered a 3-year $25 million contract from the Houston Rockets. The Knicks could match it, but reports today are that they won't.

Here are some quotes from interviews that make me root for him – even though I'm not a Knicks or Rockets fan.

"My identity is in Christ and not in basketball… I love playing basketball, and it's my job. But at the same time, I still recognize I'm a sinner and that's not going to change regardless of how well I play on the court."

"I'm not working hard and practicing day in and day out so that i can please otherpeople. my audience is God… The right way to play is not for others nd not for myself, but for God. I still don't fully understand what that means; I struggle with these things every game, every day. I'm still learning to be selfless and submit myself  to God and give up my game to Him."

"My calling and my purpose on this earth is to glorify God in what I do, and right now that calling is to play basketball. For me to remember I play for an audience of one, for God, that's liberating for me."

"Christianity teaches you what you're playing for and how to love other people But, at the same time, when we play, we're playing to win. There's no questions about that. We have the same resolve other people have. We may have a different motivation, but that doesn't mean that we're soft or that we can't be tough."

"Praying before, during and after (every game), that's a have to for me, because God helps me with everything throughout the day. There are so may different examples of where I need God's grace."

I love it when committed Christ-followers succeed in a culture so often unfriendly to committed Christ-followers. May the Tim Tebows, Jeremy Lins, and Josh Hamlitons increase!


  1. Love it! As a sports lovin’ family, we really enjoy hearing these guys share their hearts and displaying God’s grace and mercy!

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