FREE Slurpees and a New Intern & Family

Our staff took a break at 4:00 and walked to 7-11 for free Slurpees. 7-11 always gives free Slurpees on 7/11, but I haven't lived near a 7-11 in a long time. But recently, the convenience store closest to the church was changed from a "Wilson Farms" to a "7-11". So we walked over for a free Slurpee. 

I think I figured out that it has been approximately 20 years since I've had a Slurpee.

In the photo below, there are some extra people.  Some extra Bixbys and Whitings were helping do some set up and cleaning, and our new intern and his family just got into town a couple of hours ago. So we took them on the first neighborhood walk (which we advised her to never take alone, at night)… 

We missed the staff members not here today: Jason, Kim, Andy, Shawn. It is great to work with a group of people you enjoy so much! If you click on the photo, you should be able to view a larger image of it (from the blog).

Mike & Michelle Weston are on the left in the photo below. Michelle is on the far left and Mike is standing next to Karen and behind the Bixby girls. Make sure you meet them and their children over the next few Sundays. 


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  1. An Open Letter to Northridge,

    You can’t possibly know how much I miss Northridge, the amazing Staff, and the wonderful church family. I miss my small groups (I was involved in two of them), and especially the Friday morning men’s prayer time and breakfasts, and the personal prayer times shared with Dave Baxter and Steve Tarolli. I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING where I am that fills in those gaps.

    I lovingly remind you all of how many blessings you enjoy – the amazing preaching and teaching, uplifting worship (Oh how I miss the music), the small groups, and other ministries. I love my church family here in Maine, but our little congregation is still back in the 1950’s -1960’s. People are content with a good message, singing a couple hymns, and brief chit chat before and after services. But we have no real context for deepening relationships on a spiritual level, no sharing of hearts and burdens and blessings. We just sing a couple songs, give our offering, listen to a sermon, have a two minute meet and greet, and go our ways until the next Sunday (so few come to Sunday night service or mid-week prayer meeting).

    I seek to be content where I am, and believe for now, God wants me here to support my Uncle, now 78, in the last couple years of his 52 -year ministry (so far) as pastor of this church. I get to preach or teach twice weekly, which I love. I lead all the worship services. I seek to be a blessing to my church family. But, I miss the incredible blessings I had while at Northridge, especially of the two caring, concerned small groups, and the group of praying men on Friday mornings. Of course, I miss all my personal friends.

    As the old hymn goes, brothers and sisters at Northridge, “Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One.” And remember, you never know when you will no longer be part of such an amazing home church. Take full advantage of every opportunity. Get in a small group, and build into other’s lives, even as they build into yours. You’ll never regret it.

    God bless.

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