Northridge School Closing (a video)

Sunday night we shared with our church that we are closing our Christian school that has been around for 39 years. Here is the video explaining the reasons that the school board and administration recommended that we close the school. PLEASE feel free to forward this to others. Thanks!


Here is an outline, if you are looking for something in particular:

  • Introduction – 00:00
  • Words of thanks for administration, teachers, staff, school board, and volunteers – 5:48
  • Explanation of why school is closing – 10:40
  • Three challenges facing the school – 15:00
  • Challenge #1: Finances – 15:54
  • Challenge #2: Space – 16:54
  • Challenge #3: Church/School Congruency – 19:50
  • Time line (as best as I knew it) – 27:58
  • Introduction of four questions – 32:05
  • Question #1: Why is this decision so late? – 33:00
  • Question #2: Why couldn't we participate in this decision? – 37:05
  • Question #3: Isn't this more than finances? – 40:30
  • Question #4: Why won't the church support/promote the school? – 47:28
  • Concluding Comments – 55:10

If you receive this by email – click HERE or the title above to get to the video.  The handheld mic quality is very low for the first two questions, but it improves within five minutes.

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