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I realize most of you don't read the "comments" section of my blog (especially those who receive this via email). Someone posted a couple of great resources that I thought might be helpful. Here is the comment:

Great sermon and follow-up post. Thank you for addressing this topic! Don't know if you may have already seen this, but CJ Mahaney has a great sermon here: and a very practical evaluation list (modesty heart check by Mahaney ladies) here: The modesty heart check is wonderful because it reminds you to check your heart as well as your dress.

  1. Thank you for taking on this topic! Great sermon and resources!! Modesty and purity are virtues that all of us ladies need to be intentional about for ourselves and our daughters. Here is another great modesty resource from Secret Keeper Girls (Dannah Gresh). This one is intended for young girls/tweens – the Truth or Bare Fashion Test:

  2. There are so many great choices out there for modest dresses and bathing suits for women- a simple google search will bring up tons of sites, and I personally love

    I love that we as a church are discussing these topics that can be uncomfortable and fly under the radar!

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