Accountability for Purity

Here are two resources for accountability as you go online. Men who struggle with pornography (or who have failed in the last year or two) – I encourage to use an accountability software. These softwares send an email to your chosen accountability partners a report of questionable websites you have visited.

Here are two options:

Both of those have monthly fees, but for the sake of purity and if we truly are at war – it is worth the cost. And likely, these options will give great confidence to your spouse as well as personal motivation and accountability for you.

Does anyone know of a free option?

  1. x3watch does have a free option, you just have to look hard to find it. Look for the fine print hyperlink. You’ll be asked to sign up for pro a few times on the way toward getting the free version, but if you stick with it you’ll finally arrive at the free version download.

  2. David,

    Everything so far has been for men and about men in the struggle for purity. When will you be addressing women?

  3. Thanks, Mark! Cheryl, The principles are the very same. I wouldn’t say anything differently to women. I only speak to men because a large majority of those who struggle with pornography are men. I will be addressing the topic of “Women Lust Too” tomorrow (from a different angle than porn).

  4. x3watch does have a free option, HOWEVER… you get what you pay for. I would recommend anyone who’s looking for a good product to pay for Covenant Eyes. The free version of x3watch is not always reliable, and reliability is crucial for accountability software.

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