Translation Articles – if you want more info from Sunday…

If today's sermon grabbed your interest and you want more information, here are some articles that you may find interesting. The first article was most helpful to me in prepping for this morning (but is quite long). Most articles have two links. One takes you to a website; the other is for a pdf download:

"An Evaluation of the 2011 Edition of the New International Version" – WARNING: Long Article

"Translation Evaluation Committee (NIV 2011)"

"Evaluating the New International Version 2011" (Baptist Bulletin article)

This is probably the order in which they were most helpful to me, but the last two articles are shorter. Use what's helpful; ignore what you'd like. I don't mind doing the legwork for you. So feel no obligation to read any of these articles. More articles tomorrow.

  1. Side question… Are the study notes in the NIV-2011 Study Bible the same as in previous NIV versions? I’m trying to figure out whether to buy the study bible or just the regular one, but I don’t want to pay again for the notes (since we own at least 2 study bibles already…)

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