Another Creative Small Group Announcement…

A few weeks ago I shared a creative small group meeting announcement from one of our small group leaders.  You can see that HERE.

Well, the same small group leader is at it again inviting people for the sermon discussion on "What Is the Leadership Structure at Northridge?"

Here is his invite:

So last week someone made a comment about my prior Small Group email being boring and lackluster compared to the norm.  Well, I was going to send a more exciting and robust email this week, but unfortunately the Stewardship Team decided that it would not be cost effective for me to do so.  Based on their recommendation, the Oversight team, led by Bishop Whiting backed them up as well.  So, even though small group is at the _______'s again this week at the usual time, and we will be discussing this past Sunday’s Sermon as is typical, I am unable to do anything more spontaneous, or humorous if you will, regarding the announcements for small group.
If you can help me round up enough support, 20% of Northridge members to be exact, who would be willing to bring this to a majority vote, maybe I can be allowed to be craftier and creative in future emails.
If you will not make it this Wednesday let us know as attendance is reported regularly to the Church staff and Ministry Team Leaders (I am kidding).  I made this statement more for affect and continuity.
I love our small group leaders!

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