Tomorrow @ Northridge

Northridge Church, here are five things to consider before tomorrow and Monday:

  1. Tomorrow we continue our F.A.Q. series and it was the most popular question on our online survey. It is definitely an area of disagreement among Christians.
  2. We are about 48 hours from the start of our 16:5 conference. We have over 200 church leaders coming to talk about the implications of Acts 16:5 – "And the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers."
  3. We could use your help!! Our third general session of the conference is Monday night at 7:30 PM. We want to give those attending the conference an example of what a Sunday morning service is really like at Northridge (online can only do so much). So at the Monday night session, we will be acting like it is a normal Sunday morning. To get the energy and feel of our normal Sunday AM, we want as many Northridgers to come on Monday night as possible. Would you consider joining us at 7:30 Monday night so you can sing your heart out and give this group a feel of what our normal Sunday morning feels like? I will be talking about the Mission (Matthew 28) and sharing stories of the pain of pursing the Great Commission. So it won't be a sermon you've heard before. It will be filled with stories you mostly haven't heard about our transitions to become a 16:5 church. 
  4. If you have volunteered for the conference, we have your T-shirt. Be sure to stop by the info desk to get your T-shirt and wear it both Monday and Tuesday at the conference.
  5. Finally, all week we've had a crew from Church Solutions here to improve our lighting. We are prepping our lighting for multi-site and needed to upgrade from our basic lighting that we've had. Most of it you won't even notice unless you saw a comparison photo, but you certainly will notice some of the extra lights on the ceiling. They have added a total of 18 more lights that significantly improve our stage lighting. A special thanks to Adam C and Nate B who have been up until the middle of the night the last two nights (approximately 3:30 AM) working with the crew. Plus many volunteers have helped too. Thank you!

I look forward to tomorrow!

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