16:5 Conference – an article

As many of you have noticed, a blog post went out from my "feeder" a week late. I'm sorry about that. At times I post a date and time to post an article and wanted that posted and sent out on the morning of the 16:5 conference and instead it went out a week late.  Oh well… God knows what I was praying for, and you probably prayed for better things than on my list.

I did an interview on Tuesday morning for a small magazine called "The Baptist Bulletin" and they posted an article on their website with some photos. If you want to read it – you can read it HERE.

They have some photos too on the website. The guys who came were very encouraging and kind. Thanks Northridge for praying and for the 88 of you who volunteered to make it such a huge success! And I'm so thankful to the hundreds of you who came on Monday night to give them a "normal" Sunday AM experience.





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  1. Love it. Love it . Love it. It was an amazing experience both yrs to serve. There were so many amazing Pastors and Servants of churches this yr. They were so fun to have at Northridge too. Thank you so much for spending your time with us. Hope to see those great faces next yr. Too.

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