Generic Ketchup @ Pete’s Diner – part 2

Yesterday, I mentioned my thoughts on restaurants that serve generic ketchup. You can read that HERE.

Here are a few more thoughts I have on generic ketchup (while thinking of church applications):

  • I noticed the regulars never notice generic ketchup. They are used to it. It doesn't bother them and they don't think it should bother new people either. 
  • In fact, the management and owners are focused on pleasing the regulars rather than focusing on making the best impression on first-time customers. By doing so – they are all overlooking glaring problems.
  • No one speaks for the first-time customer. If a regular doesn't like something, they will speak up. If a new customer to the restaurant doesn't like something, they won't say anything. They simply won't return. (This one happens in churches all the time!!)
  • There are some things that loyal customers are willing to overlook that a new customer may not be willing to overlook.
  • Even some positive, good changes will causes regular customers to complain, but the changes were helping new customers. Loyal customers may not like a new menu because they knew where everything was on the old one. Our family recently went to a restaurant to use a Groupon that was close to expiring. Apparently, a ton of other people were using it that night also – the restaurant was very busy! I'm sure regular customers were annoyed that on a week night there was a wait. But with 700 Groupons sold (what our server told us), I imagine that restaurant was introduced to many brand new customers. Regular customers don't want to be inconvenienced so that new customers can be attracted to the restaurant.
  • Loyal customers tend to be blind to obvious faults that new people see immediately. That could be a smelly entryway (at our family's favorite diner), ripped cushions in the booths, plates and coffee cups that are so old, they look dirty even though they are perfectly clean, etc…
  • Old and run down might work well for diners (my daughters prefer one in town), but I don't think it works well for churches. Diners have a nation-wide reputation for being old, run-down, but great prices and great food. Old, run-down yet effective diners are common. Ugly, smelly yet effective churches are not.

Tomorrow, I'll get specific as to what I think some primary applications are to generic ketchup.

In speaking of loyal customers. My friend, who took me to Pete's Diner, didn't want me to take a picture of it because he is so loyal.  I wanted to get the front of the restaurant – it displays the very point of some of my thoughts above, but he drove away too quickly. but I did manage to get the sign…

Pete diner

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