F.A.Q. Survey – Have you taken the survey?

I am getting ready to preach a new series called F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions). If you haven't taken the survey of what questions you want to be part of the survey – could you take two minutes to do so? Click HERE for the survey or you can get there right from the church's website – which is HERE (www.NorthridgeRochester.com).

One other thought— I wonder if you'd consider forwarding this email to people in your small group or someone who is new to Northridge who may not subscribe to my blog and encourage them to take the survey and subscribe to my blog. It is the best way I can share information and cast vision to the insiders of Northridge. Thanks for considering forwarding it. I know you get nervous to forward emails, so don't forward it to your entire address book or a large group of people, but maybe considering forwarding it a few people asking them to take the survey and considering subscribing to my blog.

(For those who may get this email as a forward – would you consider subscribing? You can receive updates every time I post something new. Click HERE to subscribe or go to www.davidwhiting.org. Thanks for considering it. It is the best way I can regularly connect with the core of our church. When you go to the blog site, on the right hand side you can subscribe by email or various readers.)

And for those who read from afar (you attend another church or live elsewhere) – of course I'm thrilled to have you keep up to date with what we are doing and to provide feedback through the comments.


Don't forget to take the survey. If you click on the F.A.Q. graphic above, you will be taken to the survey also.

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