Why We Are Using Tickets for Christmas

I wanted to further explain why we are using tickets for Christmas weekend. We’ve seen it modeled by other churches and have decided to try it. Here are the main reasons:

  • Last year we ended up with a lot of people sitting in 417. We want to do everything we can to have everyone sit in our auditorium. Tickets will allow us to be sure that everyone has a seat. 
  • We want to be sure we have seats for your friends and family that you invite. Crowds are bigger at Christmas and if everyone shows up at the same time we won’t have room for the people you invite. We want to give your guests the best experience possible.
  • We could add another service if needed. By giving out tickets, we have the flexibility to add another service to accommodate more people. But by closing services that fill up, we also may be able to stay with three services. We would rather not do four (for the sake of those who will serve at all the service) unless we absolutely have to.
  • It makes it easier for you to invite friends. The number one reason people show up to a church for the first time is because a friend invites them. Having a ticket with all the details on it makes it easier for people to have those conversations. And it gives the impression that it will be something special and of value to attend. 

Ultimately, more people at our Christmas services mean more people hearing the message and more changed lives. We are addicted to life change here at Northridge – so we believe it’s a great thing!

Thank you for being flexible and trying something new with us!

Christmas at Northridge Ticket 10am

Remember to reserve your tickets through the church website (NorthridgeRochester.com). You also can go straight to the tickets page by clicking here (Christmas.NorthridgeRochester.com).

  1. They wont be turned away. However, if everyone with a ticket comes, we will have no seats available – so that person who shows up with no ticket is taking someone elses seat.

    That is why we are asking everyone to get a ticket, but we dont plan to turn anyone away.

  2. Has anyone else received backlash from doing this? We try to reach out to those who aren’t Christians, and we have received very negative feedback from that population as well as the Poinsettia & Palms crowd.

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