How to Provoke Your Children to Anger

How to provoke your children to anger (Ephesians 6:4):

  1. A weak marriage
  2. Having a child-centered home
  3. Modeling sinful anger
  4. Consistently dIsicpling in anger
  5. Scolding / Nagging
  6. Inconsistent discipline
  7. Double standards
  8. Being legalistic
  9. Rarely admitting wrong and rarely seeking forgiveness from children/spouse
  10. Quick to find fault
  11. Parents reversing God-given roles
  12. Not listening to child's suggestions or ideas
  13. Comparing children to other children
  14. Not making time for them
  15. Not praising or encouraging enough
  16. Not keeping promises
  17. Correcting publicly
  18. Controlling their lives so they make few decisions
  19. Allowing too much freedom
  20. Not treating them in age-appropriate ways with freedoms and choices
  21. Mocking your child
  22. Abusing your child physically
  23. Calling your children names
  24. Unrealistic expectations
  25. Showing favoritism


List adapted from Lou Priolo and Paul Tautges


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